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Mer 10 Oct - 12:07

à la rencontre de l'inconnu
#capture solo
As he travels on the beast of burden, moving up along the mountainside – as he gazes looking down the valley, no regrets but his pride. As he journeys across mountain passes, insignificance sweeps over him. His reflection of the beauty 'round him, feeling empty inside. He is running from his wildest thoughts. He is running from his everything. He is looking now to find something, hoping he can be saved. He's searching for the answer, now. It's something that he's managed to avoid up 'til now. Real conviction – that, he craves. He needs to find the answer sooner than later. Pushed himself to the limits. He had to strive for all the harder things in life. But what's the cost of giving now? His life and his time are the only things that he has.

Life is not a rehearsal. All he has is the one chance to get it right. Leaving really is the only way to know. Maybe one day they'll forgive him, what he's done, but now the pain of lying too early in the grave. Destiny, no good to hide away. Penance now will be his only way. Understand: No good to hide away. Penance now will be his saving grace.
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